July 29, 2005

Official Hiatus

Alright, I realize this site has been on unofficial hold for a very long time. It's now going on official hold. I'm acknowledging three things:

1 - Updating Dave's trailjournal takes lots of time.
2 - This site requires more commitment than I have previously been willing to admit.
3 - I'm not giving up on this site, because I like the concept - it's going on hiatus, not out of business.

So, no more entries for a while. When Dave is off the trail, I'll start this up again. For those of you who are interested in reading it (the few who even bother to check it anymore), I'll make sure to announce my "return" on my other site (and as far as THAT blog is concerned, it's not going on hiatus - it's just going slowly...).

See you in a little while.